Math Software

Click below link to download!

  1. Bagatrix2010
  2. College Algebra Solved  or
  3.  College Algebra Solved
  4. Eviews5 or
  5. EViews5
  6. fx82ES(Calculator)
  7. GraphCalc4.0.1 or
  8. GraphCalc4.0.1
  9. Geogebra
  10. វចនានុក្រមគណិតវិទ្យា (អង់គ្លេស-ខ្មែរ) – Mathematics Dictionary (EN-KM)
  11. MathType 6.5a or
  12. MathType V6.5a
  13. MathType 6.7a
  14. Sinequanon or
  15. 02sinequanon
  16. Solving Quadratic Equation (ដោះស្រាយសមីការដឺក្រេទី២)
  17. Solving Quadratic Equation software (by THUN Kosal)
  18. SPSS 16.0
  19. Winplot or
  20. winplot

2 responses to “Math Software

  1. Good job! Happy to see this!
    Anyway, some softwares like MathType is updated!
    To be capitible with the new version of Microsoft Word, you should update MathType too 🙂

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